Why You Should Backup Your Xbox 360 Games

The popularity of optical media these days has everything from movies to video games being located on a disk. Unfortunately, these types of disks can very easily get scratched or even broken. If you have a lot of disks then you may even tend to misplace them. A popular gaming system, the Xbox 360 has many games available and the games are generally not inexpensive. If you would like a way to protect your investment then backing up your games is probably a great option for you.

Many people think that it is illegal to make copies of your Xbox games in order to make backup copies. If you are just copying the game in case the original gets scratched, lost, or stolen you are entirely within your legal rights. The primary reason of making copies of games, for the majority of gamers with an expensive game collection, is to make sure that they protect their investments by keeping their games from getting lost or being damaged. With a backup copy of the game you can still play the game, but keep the original in a safe place.

You will need to purchase a special type of software to burn backup copies of your Xbox 360 games using your computer. The normal software that is on your computer that you can use for burning music or videos to disks will not work for games. Xbox 360 games have built in protection that the software will not be able to sidestep and you will not be able to play the game. You should also make sure that your computer has a DVD burner and not just a burner that is for music or data.

You should steer far away from the free software that you can find everywhere online. This free software can dirty your computer with viruses and other things that will cause you other financial hardships. Good backup 360 games software will only cost about $30. There are several different versions of software available, so be sure that you research which ones are best. You can find information on backing up games on the well known gaming blogs and you should also go to advanced gamers for advice on which one they think is best.

The steps that you will need to perform for backing up your Xbox 360 games is pretty simple once you have the software. Getting the software and making backup copies of the games ends up being far less expensive than having to buy a completely new game so it makes sense to use this method.

Backing up your Xbox games is not just something for the hardcore gamer. Because it is such a simple process and inexpensive this is something that everyone should be doing. Parents, if you are tired of having to buy games again and again for your kids because they are careless with the disks, then this is a wise investment for you to consider. Games can be expensive, but backing them up is not.

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Copy PS2 Games To CD – Why You Should Do It And Do It Now

The PS2 isn’t dead. But it’s slowly getting there. That’s why it’s important for more people to copy their PS2 games to CD/DVD. As we all know, the rise of seventh and eight generation gaming consoles have garnered the attention of gamers everywhere. The topics that dominate game forums today are of the comparisons between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, or of which new much hyped games are coming out this year. You really don’t hear much about the PS2 anymore.

That is not to say that it still isn’t being used. In fact, according to the video game blog siliconera, Sony sold a reported 3.5 million PS2 consoles between April and September of last year. More than the amount of PSP units sold last year. Even if this sounds like a success for die-hard PS2 fans, the truth is that there are no highly anticipated games being released. How often do you see commercials of PS2 games on TV? I certainly haven’t, and if there are, they have all been drowned out by previews of the more popular assassins creed or of the new modern warfare 3 game coming out this November. The PS2 has slowly been tucked away while game manufacturers focus on newer generation games.

With such evidence that the PS2 games are fading, why are people still buying PS2 consoles?

Well, there are many answers to that question. But one that stands out is that people buy new PS2 consoles to play old PS2 games, and with new games rarely being made more and more people are resorting to copying their old PS2 games to a CD. Many have come to realize that the chances of finding a new copy of a game from the last remaining sixth generation console lessens as each day goes by. And for this reason, the popularity of copying games has picked up with great speed as gamers rush to preserve their most valued possessions.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you know you treat your favorite games like they were made out of glass

I know I certainly do, and even though I’ve passed down my PS2 games to my younger siblings, I still cringe when I see them mistreat it.

Abuses by siblings combined with the risk of scratches are other reasons why gamers should copy their games. Not only that, but it’s a satisfaction knowing that you always have a backup for your games in case there’s an accident. For example, just yesterday I was playing modern warfare 2 when a friend stopped by with her 2 yr old daughter. Her daughter, being the ever so curious 2 yr old that she is walked over to my gaming console and kicked it on its side. What followed was a horrible screech as I realized that my game disc had just been scratched beyond repair. With a sigh, I took out the disc and sure enough a perfect circle was etched onto the back of it. The only thing that kept me from having a dramatic break down was that I had a backup disc in my CD case. Like I said, you never know when accidents might occur.

For those PS2 owners that want to back up their games, it’s fairly easy and don’t worry, it’s not illegal as long as you don’t redistribute your copies for money. Here’s what you’ll need:

Your favorite PS2 game disc.
A windows desktop computer or laptop, whichever your prefer.
A blank disc.
A good video game burning program.

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